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Ultrazone Laser Tag Review

Ultrazone Laser Tag Review

Ultrazone Laser Tag Review

la_reina_plazaLocated in prime Sherman Oaks on the corner of Ventura & Cedros at the famed La Reina Plaza, Ultrazone is a laser tag adventure for the whole family. What is laser tag? Imagine in-door capture the flag with lasers replacing hands. No, they aren’t real lasers! They’re 100% safe toy packs that people put on, run around with and use to momentarily “tag” one another out of the game.

Here’s the way it works – the “gamemaster” divides everyone into 4 teams. A player gets points by tagging opposing members out of the game by shooting them in one of several locations on their laser packs OR by disarming an opponent’s  base, which yields the most points. The team with the most points wins the game. Ultrazone provides a player breakdown at the end of each game, so you can find out well (or not well) you did.

ultrazoneThe Ultrazone game floor is a neon-lit jungle, and even though there’s no running allowed, it’s hard to avoid picking up the pace with the music and flashing lights. It feels like you’re in a video game.

Ultrazone does special events like birthday parties, fundraisers and summer camp events.

A great time for the whole family. See more at their website.

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